Off-Site Backups

Offsite Backups are an important part of your operational and Disaster Recovery plan. As your files change, our software backs-up those changes on a daily basis. Files are kept for at least 30 days. This protects your organization from accidental deletion or a malicious user. A daily confirmation email is sent out. The backups are encrypted for your privacy. We perform offsite backups of each Server and critical PC.

On-Site Backups

On-Site backups are vital. Each Month we create a working backup of your servers. In the event that your server hardware or operating system fails, we can
restore your data to a working server. Both a Quarterly and Monthly backup are kept on a USB drive, which will be stored at your location. For additional Security against theft, environmental / natural catastrophe, we can arrange your USB drive to be taken offsite and stored at a different location or Bank. We backup each VMware Server and critical PC.