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Located in a prominent historic building close to the Atlanta Capital, this client has considerable technology needs, which we provide for in an efficient way. With 15+ Servers and 30+ Workstations & Laptops, this client could easily hire a full-time IT staff; however, in Atlanta's competitive IT landscape, it is very hard for employers to retain IT employees for more than 2 years. Outsourcing has proven more affordable and resulted in the implementation of technology that would normally not be introduced by internal staff.

Initial Engagement                


Since 2004, Atlanta IT Services has maintained a symbiotic relationship where payroll, benefits, turnover, office space and training have all been removed from the IT landscape for this client.Technologies include: Fiber, Cisco, Vmware, Dell, IBM, HP, Rack and Tower Systems, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones, Blackberry, Voip, Analog, Multi-Function Scanner / Copier / Network Printer, Epicor Accounting Software , IMIS Association Software, Cisco, APC, Dedicated Cooling, Access Control, NAS, SAN, Windows Servers, Windows 7, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server , Terminal Services, Microsoft Office, PIX, Watchguard, Nortel, Idatix, Apple and more.Projects have included: Firewall Implementation Data Recovery / Disaster Recovery Onsite Backups Offsite Backups Hardware Upgrades / Server Replacements Migration from Physical to Virtual Desktop Upgrades Desktop Replacement Laptop and Desktop Sales and Service Wireless Implementation Lan Wiring Upgrade Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Phone System Replacement Internet Connectivity Software Upgrade



Instead of dealing with high-turnover and hiring hassles, this client has enjoyed working with the same IT staff (AITS) for almost 15 years now. We are a team that can handle all of their IT needs vs the limited capabilities of a single internal employee.