About The Client                


Atlanta IT Services has been providing managed and as needed support for a local Atlanta Chapter of a National Fraternity. We implemented a PRI-based Dynamic Voice and Data connection. This new connectivity saved money, had built features like fax and conferencing. We run an Asterix voicemail system. At first we utilized the existing sever hardware. We have since migrated to Vmware. Software packages include Quickbooks, Euclid’s ClearVantage, Microsoft Office, Exchange, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional and Vmware. Although we continue to provide proactive maintenance, broken / support calls have have declined to 1-2 per quarter. The client is very happy with the uptime and reliability of their systems. Systems Engineered, Implemented and Maintained by Atlanta IT Services Inc. We See The Big Picture. The client is located in an upscale hi-rise and we service the account onsite and remotely.



                   Initial Engagement                


There legacy accounting system CCAS operated on an IBM RS/6000 Aix Operating System with the old green screen terminals. AITS implemented a new Windows-based network with IBM Servers, SQL Server, Printers, PLUS new IBM workstations running Windows.

After the new network was installed, the Viewpoint Construction Application was installed. AITS continued by converting their data in detail from the Unix-based application to Viewpoint Construction Software.

AITS converted their vendors with the AP invoices, customers with AR invoices, chart of accounts with GL detail, jobs with the detail for revenue and cost, employees, equipment, material with inventory on-hand, and their subcontracts. 



The customer's business is more efficient and growing faster than ever. Since our initial engagement, we have performed incremental upgrades, replacements and we have consolidated many other services.